Body Blast Summer Strength and Conditioning Program


Staples High School Head Athletic Trainer, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Training For Warriors Coach, “G”, will be offering a complete Strength and Conditioning Program that will take place in the Staples High School Weight Room and Staples athletic fields. This program will build upon a solid athletic foundation and an introduction to proper weight training and progression, instruction in movement and mobility training, injury reduction and corrective exercises, linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility, explosive power development, proper functional strength training and energy system conditioning. Athletes will be closely supervised with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety and can be modified on the need of the athlete. Athletes will also have access to an app where they will track their times and weight progressions. With this app, workouts will be emailed and available on training days even if the athlete is on vacation! Access to the app is included in the price. Body Blast Complete will consist of functionally sound movement and mobility training, strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on basic and proper technique. The workouts become progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered.

  • SPEED- Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Running Mechanics, Footwork
  • EXPLOSIVE POWER- Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Medicine Ball, Jumping & Landing Techniques
  • STRENGTH- Functional Approach, Thorough Instruction, Focus on Upper Body, Lower Body & Core
  • CONDITIONING- Game Ready Preparation for all Athletes.
  • FLEXIBILITY- Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling), Various Forms of Stretching, Muscle Activation
  • INJURY REDUCTION- Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Balance & Stabilization
  • NUTRITION EDUCATION- Lessons, Tips and Advice

TRAINING DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday


START DATE: July 10, 2017         END DATE: August 17, 2017 (6 weeks, 18 sessions)

WHERE: Staples Weight Room & Staples Fields (possible beach training but that will be TBD)

PRICE: $429

Registration is through Westport Parks and Recreation