Subscribe to Game Calendar & Email/Text Alerts

How To Subscribe To The CIAC Calendar On Your Computer Or Mobile Device

  1. Go to http://ciacsports.com/site/
  2. Select Schedules (top icon)
  3. Select tab “Add to Computer or Device”
  4. Enter:
    1. Format:  Outlook/Google/Mobile Device/iCal
    2. School:  Staples
    3. Level:  Choose your team – Freshman, Junior Varsity, Varsity
    4. Sport/Activity:  Soccer (Girls)
    5. Past Events/Practices:  Leave unchecked
    6. Site:  Home/Away
  5. Click on View Schedule
  6. You will be sent to a new page that says:

    Add Schedule to Computer or Mobile Device

    Select your program: Outlook | iPhone/iPad | Google | Apple Calendar | Intro

  7. Select your program and follow the directions

How To Subscribe To CIAC E-mail and SMS (Text) Updates

  1. Go to http://ciacsports.com/site/?page_id=116
  2. Follow the directions on the page to receive either e-mail updates (games changes, cancellations, field closures) for the regular season or text updates (scores, postponments, other info).  You can also subscribe for updates via Twitter.