Tryout Must Knows !

Below is a list of a few must knows for tryouts!!  1) When you take part in the fitness tests, your score is your score and that is how it will remain. I know most players work really hard in the summer preparing and may feel they under performed. Unfortunately these things do happen but are the fitness tests the defining factor to making a team? the answer is no – there are 6 more tryout sessions between now and Saturday evening so players have a huge chance to prove their worth between now and then.  2) On Thursday we begin the technical aspect to tryouts. The timing of tryouts is from 10-12pm and 5-7pm every day but that does not mean show up at 10. Try to be there 20-30 minutes prior to the session on the first day as registration for numbered pinneys will have to be given out to every player.  3) If possible, just as tryouts begin, I will hold a parents meeting with everyone that is there. If you are dropping your child off I ask that you hang around for 10 minutes so I can explain a few things to you all.  This quick meeting will mainly cover the selection and cutting process and the timelines of when we aim to have tryouts concluded.  *CUTS TAKE PLACE AFTER THE SATURDAY MORNING SESSION – THAT GIVES EVERY PLAYER 2 FITNESS SESSIONS PLUS 5 SOCCER SESSIONS TO IMPRESS THE COACHES. IF YOUR PLAYER DOES NOT MAKE THE TEAM FOR WHATEVER REASON YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 1PM-2PM. IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL YOUR PLAYER WILL NOT RETURN FOR THE EVENING SESSION.  IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS REASONS WHY YOUR PLAYER DIDN’T MAKE IT, I WILL BE AVAILABLE TO TALK AFTER WE CONCLUDE TRYOUTS. 4) I noticed that some parents watched the fitness testing (which I don’t mind). With that being a short session I don’t care if people hang around and watch rather than driving all the way home to come right back again. However, once the tryouts begin on Thursday through Saturday NO Parent will be able to stay and watch. Tryouts provide enough pressure on these kids so we try to eliminate as much of that as possible.  5) If your Daughter has sat out of any sessions so far due to injury, we require you to take a doctors note to the trainers office prior to the session beginning. If you have not seen a doctor, I advise you to see the trainer before the tryout so you can be cleared. Monitoring injuries is hugely important and I will not allow people to try out without going through the correct protocol.  6) If you have not passed or ran the Man United test or the 300s – there will not be another opportunity to do so during the tryout days. The only other time you will be able to do it is if you make one of the teams and your coach requires you to pass a certain level to gain your uniform. Unfortunately, we do not the time available to facilitate a make up test prior to the season starting.  Thanks, see you all soon

Fall Registration and Try-out information

Staples Girls Soccer is very pleased to announce that the school has opened fall registration for all sports. We are hoping and planning that the season goes ahead as normal with the dates and times (listed below) but please understand that given the current circumstances, they may be subject to change.  Important dates to save.
  • Preseason Camp – August 17th – August 21st, 9am – 12pm (either @ Wakeman Fields or Long Lots)
  • Try-out Fitness Testing – August 24th & 25th, 8am – 10am (Subject to change depending on venue – Staples Football Stadium or PJ Romano Field)
  • Try-outs on field – August 27th – August 30th, 10-12pm & 5-7pm ALL FOUR DAYS. Please see attachment for try-out breakdown. 
Fall sports registration opens June 1. Click to register. Try out schedules will be posted on a continuing basis. Staples Athletics.. Registration closes on August 9th for football and on August 19th for the remaining sports.
 Physical Examination Requirements:
  • In consultation with the Connecticut State Medical Society, Sports Medicine Committee, the standard of physicals being valid for a 13-month period prior to the start of the season will remain.  If you do not have a physical you will not be permitted to participate.  Some doctors’ offices have resumed well visits.    
  • Completed physical examination forms must be on file in the School Health Office,attached to your registration or emailed to  
  •  A physical exam covers the student for 13 months from the exam date. A student’s eligibility will terminate once a physical has reached the 13-month limit.   

CIAC SemiFinal

Staples (#1) vs. Glastonbury (#3)
Tonight @ 6 pm
Municipal Stadium, Waterbury
1200 Watertown Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708

*Bring cash for entrance fee

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