Important Information for Players Trying Out for Fall of 2023 for the Defending 2021 & 2022 Class LL State Champions

1. Join us at The FCIAC Summer League – Summer league is a great way for the girls to get to know each other on and off the field. The games are on a Monday night throughout the summer. The Captains coach it and every player will get equal game time no matter what grade or playing level. This is a fun and enjoyable way to get your foot on the ball through the summer. The league will run over 8 weeks starting in late June with each team having a bye week. Games will be held in Trumbull, CT. All CTHSSL games will have professional referees and trainers in attendance at every game.
2. Body Blast Conditioning Program – Body Blast is a conditioning program that aids the players in getting ready for the season ahead. It will have two days on the field practicing for the fitness tests and one day in the weight room. The on-field focus will cover general fitness work, ball work & fitness test prep. It will cover the 300s and the Man U test that we test at try outs. Weight Room focus will be overall strength training for lower body and upper body, muscle endurance, and injury prevention. **If there are any previous injuries or current injuries when training in the summer, please have parents/guardians reach out.

Days:  Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Time: 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Location:  Staples Weight Room and Ginny Parker Field

Date: July 5 – August 10

Ages: Girls 13 – 18.      

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3. Staples Girls Soccer Preseason Camp – Preseason Camp will be run by Russell Oost-Lievense with his coaches at Soccer Training Elite. This will be a technical and conditioning camp the week prior to the try outs.
Grades: 9th – 12th
Dates: August 14th – 18th 
Times: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Wakeman Fields, Wesport, CT


4. Staples Girls Soccer Try outs – Try outs will be held at Wakeman Turf Field on the week of August 21st through August 27th. All Players trying out must register on the Staples High School Athletic page once Fall registration opens (please complete contact information for BOTH guardians). Once all of the appropriate paperwork is complete you will be in the database and cleared by the School. If not cleared by the school, you will not be able to try out so, please do not leave this to the last minute. I cannot help you in this case.

The schedule is as follows:  

Monday 21st, 7am – Man United Test
Tuesday 22nd, 7am- 300-yard Shuttles
Wednesday 23rd – Day Off unless you do not pass your fitness testing. This will be used to retest! In the case of failure to pass these tests, if you make a team, you won’t be able to collect your uniform or be eligible for games until you prove your fitness like everyone else.
Thursday 24th – 8-10am & 3-5pm Technical & Tactical sessions
Friday 25th – 8-10am & 3-5pm Technical & Tactical sessions
Saturday 26th 8-10am 11v11 (cuts will happen after this session via the staples GSOCC website). 
3-5pm all returning players will come back for 11v11 for final team placements. 
Sunday 27th – these sessions will be 8-10 & 3-5 again and will only be used if coaches need extra time to make decisions. If decisions have been made, then coaches will use these times as the first team practices.

CIAC Class LL 2022 Champions!

2022 CIAC State Tournament Opening Game