2021 GSOCC Rosters

We would like to start by thanking everyone for coming out and showing a great attitude to training through all sorts of weather conditions this year. I truly appreciate all of the players that have shown interest in our program. Please check the list to make sure your name is on it. If you do not see your name then unfortunately you have not made it. Understanding this is not easy for anyone but if you require feedback on why, I will be available via email on Monday 30th August.  
If your name is on the list, please report back this evening to Wakeman at 4:45pm. 
Thank you again for all of your efforts during tryouts.-Barry Beattie


  1. Barney, Madeline
  2. Bozeman, Adeline
  3. Chu, Caitlin
  4. Chudowsky, Evelyn
  5. Cohen, Finley
  6. Crombie, Courtlyn
  7. de Brito, Gabriela
  8. DeWitt, Samantha
  9. Didio, McKenzie
  10. Didio, Mia
  11. Edwards, Annabel
  12. Foran, Leigh
  13. Franklin, Charlotte
  14. Gonzalez, Gabriela
  15. Kolek, Camille
  16. Lapatine, Ryan
  17. McGeehan, Reilly
  18. Mermagen, Niva
  19. Moskowitz, Talia
  20. Pretty, Parker
  21. Ricks, Isabelle
  22. Roraback, Haley
  23. Sansone, Madison
  24. Shackelford, Katharine
  25. Spada, Katherine
  26. Strandell, Franca
  27. Tracey, Juliet
  28. Wasserman, Alexandra


  1. Barnes, Chloe*
  2. Best, Keira
  3. Chung, Daisy
  4. Eisenberger, Elise
  5. Fitzgerald, Katherine
  6. Fording, Daisy
  7. Greenberger, Carly
  8. Henske, Samantha*
  9. Hill, Sophie
  10. Johnson, Hailey
  11. Jones, Nina
  12. Krenzer, Alexis*
  13. Kovics, Olivia
  14. Morris, Alannah
  15. Podziba, Ashley
  16. Zhu, Ella*


  1. Barnes, Chloe*
  2. Barney, Lucy
  3. Cohen, Kaela
  4. Cooney Driscoll, Sheila
  5. Coughlin, Addison
  6. Duque, Alexandra
  7. Fischel, Gabriella
  8. Fischer, Lucy
  9. Henske, Samantha*
  10. Krenzer, Alexis*
  11. Martire, Julianna
  12. Menninger, Bridget
  13. Peck, Sophia
  14. Podziba, Alexa
  15. Rabinalek, Julia
  16. St. Andre, Stella
  17. Tansley, Violet
  18. Vegas, Elisa
  19. Zhu, Ella*

*Double Rostered
Varsity Managers:

  1. Murphy, Lilly
  2. Smith, Katherine
  3. Siegal, Scarlett
  4. Vail, Elle

Still Needs to Tryout Due to Injury:

  1. Baltierra, Isabella


Staples High School Girls Soccer Preseason Camp:
Monday, August 16th – Friday, August 20th 
9am – 12pm 
Registration details to come soon

Staples High School Girls Soccer Try-Outs:
Fitness Testing – Monday, August 23rd & Tuesday, August 24th
TIME: TBA will be in the morning

Technical Sessions: Thursday, August 26th – Saturday, August 28th
TIME: 10am – 12pm & 5pm – 7pm 
Sunday, August 29th – Will ONLY be used if we need more time to make decisions. 

Please see click on this link for more information about try-outs

Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s -thank you to all who participated !