Pre Season and Tryout updates !

I hope you are all doing in this crazy time. Finally, we have some information for you all regarding the preseason camp & girls soccer try outs.  Based on the CIAC guidelines for the fall sports, we are having to restructure try outs and conduct the evaluations differently than years gone by. Please pay close attention to the information below as it will explain everything you need to know as we approach the fall season. GSOCC Preseason Camp Monday17th – Friday 21st August.9am – 12pm Wakeman A Soccer FieldsGirls soccer preseason camp For Girls Soccer try outs please make sure to register your daughter and complete all forms. Your child WILL NOT be able to compete if all relevant information is not complete and approved by the school prior to try outs. Each athlete must also have an up to date physical to take part. Fitness Tests dates Man United test only on both daysMonday 24th August – Freshman & SeniorsTuesday 25th August – Sophomores & JuniorsStaples Football Field (7am – 9am)  final confirmation to come soon. ​As per the CIAC Guidelines, the next four days listed below is limited to 1 hour sessions. Each Session will be split into 30 minutes of Conditioning & 30 minutes of Individual Technical work. Thursday 27th @ Wakeman B (Turf Field) 300 Yard Shuttles & Technical 10am – 11am Freshman 11am – 12pm Sophomores5pm – 6pm Juniors & Seniors Friday 28th @ Wakeman B (Turf Field) ​Cardio Outputs & Technical 10am – 11am Freshman 11am – 12pm Sophomores5pm – 6pm Juniors & Seniors  The next two days will be position specific technical sessions. Players are limited to one group. Whichever group you come to on day one is the position you identify as your primary position. Saturday 29th @ Wakeman B (Turf Field) ​Box to Box sprints & Technical 10am -11am All Defenders11am – 12pm All Midfielders5pm – 6pm Attackers & Goal Keepers Sunday 30th @ Wakeman B (Turf Field) ​Danish 18yard box fitness test & Technical 10am-11am All Defenders11am – 12pm All Midfielders5pm – 6pm Attackers & Goal Keepers Elimination process Due to the given circumstances, there will be three rounds of eliminations. The first round will take place on Monday 31st by 2pm. We will post a list of players to return on the following days on the Staples Girls soccer website. The next round of try outs will begin Thursday September 3rd – September 10th. These will be 90 minute sessions (45 minutes conditioning & 45 minutes of technical). The Third round of try outs will be on September 11th &12th (3v3, 5v5, 9v9). Eliminations will be made from the 3rd to 12th to individual players as we feel necessary. For further communications please subscribe to Finally, All State and CIAC guidelines are being followed by Staples High School. For any players returning from out of state – you must adhere to the COVID rules of quarantine.  Thank you and see you soon! Barry Beattie Staples High School  Girls Soccer Head Coach